TUG aluminum hull inflatable boats have hoisted environmentally responsible manufacturing to a new level. For starters, all TUG inflatables are made with 100% recycled aluminum. Unlike fiberglass, which once manufactured cannot be re-purposed and ultimately ends up sitting in a landfill for eternity, aluminum is fully recyclable. Also, the manufacturing process of our aluminum hulls is a far "cleaner" process compared to fiberglass, as there are no dangerous dusts and volatile chemicals used.

Among the many advantages of aluminum is that it is incredibly sturdy, yet lightweight. A lighter boat requires less horsepower, which translates to lower emissions. Transport is a breeze as well, since our lightweight aluminum hull boats can be towed by any small vehicle or even placed in the back of an SUV or truck.

Our deep commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing and utility is personal, and that ethic is evident in every detail of TUG inflatable boats. After all, we are not only boating enthusiasts ourselves, we are fellow custodians of the natural resources we so enjoy.